Opinion | The best tunes for sports

sports music
Luca Evans
Sports Editor

Best song for stretching: “When I Come Around” – Green Day Notable lyrics:

“No time to search the world around/‘Cause you know where I’ll be found/When I come around.” When you’re stretching, you’re not yet immersed in the mindset to have insanely boosted energy levels. With this song – peppy but not overwhelming – slowly ease yourself into the state of mind that allows your muscles to loosen and your opponent to quiver with fear, when you do indeed come around.

Best song for first high-stepping onto the court, field, track, etc.: “Victory” – Sean Combs (also known as P. Diddy) Notable lyrics: “We been hot for a long time, burnin’ like a candle.” While listening to this particular tune, one must ever-so-slowly step onto the playing surface while staring your opponents directly in their eyes and drawing a slow, elongated line with the tip of your fingernail across your neck.

Best song to blast over loudspeakers after you’ve made a fantastic play: “Work B*tch” – Britney Spears Notable lyrics: “Here comes the smasher, here comes the master/Here comes the big beat, big beat to blast ya.” You may think a hard-hitting rap or rock song would fit best here, but in actuality, there would be nothing more epic than, for example, hitting a home run and rounding the bases to the sound of Britney Spears urging the broken-spirited opposition to “Get to work, b*tch.”

Best song to listen to on the ride home after a loss: “Summer Bummer” – Lana Del Rey Notable lyrics: “What? What? What? What? What? What? Yeah, what? What? What?” (Thanks Playboi Carti!) Listen – when you experience a loss, you just want something to help you wallow in your sorrows, but you also need to work off some adrenaline. That’s why this song, with Lana Del Rey crooning over a thumping bassline, is the perfect way to help reflect on your loss and invite you to sadly bop your head at the same time.

Best song to listen to on the ride home after a win: “Money and the Power” – Kid Ink Notable lyrics: “With the whole team here, everybody get around/Look like a parade when we’re coming through your town.” You’re feeling great, dopamine levels are spiking and this song has a triumphant feel that is unmatched by any other. Plus, if you train your ear and listen closely, you can hear the sound of sirens mixed in the background that indicate the panic and chaos you’ve inflicted upon the other team. Money, and also power!