Sports spotlight: Alison Quincy

Senior utility player Alison Quincy prepares to pass the ball during the Panthers' game against Whittier College April 13. Photo by Allie Camp.

Senior utility player Alison Quincy prepares to pass the ball during the Panthers’ game against Whittier College April 13. Photo by Allie Camp

Alison Quincy, a senior utility player and attacker on the women’s water polo team, has been in a terrific form throughout the season. Quincy leads both her team and the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference in goals. As the season is coming to an end, the second highest scoring player in the conference is 16 goals behind Quincy’s 69 goals.

1. Do you have any pregame rituals?

I don’t. I’m weirdly not crazy superstitious about those. I just try to relax. (Junior defender) Emily Fong is in charge of music, so she gets us all pumped up with that, and that’s usually the only pregame ritual people have.

 2. What is your favorite aspect of water polo?

Definitely the team. I know that’s what everyone always says, and it’s cheesy, but we’re really close, especially this year. It just makes it a lot of fun to play with these girls right now.

3. What would you like to do in the future?

I definitely want to keep sports as part of my life. I know that my water polo career is kind of ending in the next couple of weeks, but sports have always been a big part of my life. But I don’t really have any plans for my future right now.

4. How does it feel to be leading the league in goals?

Honestly, it’s kind of crazy. I didn’t even realize that was a thing until halfway through the season when someone told me about it. It’s just super surreal because my team does a really good job of helping set me up for the goals. It’s crazy to think about and it’s really exciting to me.

5. What’s your secret to being so effective?

Honestly, my teammates. They know I’m a good shooter and they trust me, so they try to get me the ball. (Senior setter) Kate Staskus does a great job of drawing kick-outs, which help set up the main opportunities. A bunch of people on the team, (senior utility player) Kate Avery, (junior attacker) Grace (Schade), they’re really good at giving great cross-court passes to move the goalie. But I don’t really have any secrets of my own.

6. Looking back on the season, what can you take away from it?

Honestly, it’s a really great last season to have with my personal accomplishments, but as a team, we weren’t expected to do this well because we lost a bunch of talent last year. We all kind of rallied together and played really well as a team.

7. What is your all-time favorite memory of playing water polo?

It was probably last year during our (conference) tournament. We beat Claremont for the first time since I’d been here. I had a personal rivalry with them because I’ve had friends that go there. My sister played for them five years ago and so I’ve always wanted to beat them. We were the underdogs in that game when we beat them, so we finished third when we came in being the fourth seed. That was just a great game overall. And that was a lot of fun.

8. What motivates you to play your hardest?

I’ve always been a competitor. I always want to push myself and see what I can do. And I love to win. That’s about it. I want to push myself to keep going. I want to push my teammates, my teammates want to push me, so we can do the best overall.

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