Sports spotlight: Gavin Blodgett


Sophomore second baseman Gavin Blodgett. Photo by Madeleine Caraluzzi

Gavin Blodgett, a sophomore second baseman on the Chapman baseball team, is in impressive form as of late. In his last seven games, in which Chapman faced off against the Stevens Institute of Technology, the California Institute of Technology and the University of Redlands, Blodgett had a .542 batting average and had 11 RBIs to help Chapman win all seven games. Blodgett leads the team with 41 hits and is third in the team with 23 RBIs.

How old were you when you started playing baseball and why did you start?
I was probably two or three. My grandpa always loved the game and he kind of taught it to me, so I started playing the Itty Bitty (league) at the YMCA, and I fell in love with it from then on.

What motivates you to play your hardest?
Winning is a big factor, in my opinion. Kind of doing everything, just for the team. When you go hard, a lot of good things happen.

Do you have any pregame rituals?
The night before, my buddy Jared Love (sophomore infielder) and I have a chocolate Oreo cookie shake and it has helped us. You can’t mess with it. You can’t not do it, or you’re going to have a bad day. So it has been a crucial factor to success for both of us this year.

What is your favorite aspect of baseball?
Obviously the camaraderie with the team is kind of for everybody. The third game against Redlands is kind of a good example – what it’s like when everyone has the same goal. We all wanted to win that game badly, so when it finally did happen, it felt really good. That’s kind of the feeling you chase – winning as many games as you can and grinding it out with your guys.

What is a hobby of yours aside from baseball?
I collect baseball cards, so that’s a thing. I play video games, but it’s not my life. Everything that I would consider my main hobbies has to do with sports, whether it be basketball or baseball.

What would you like to do in the future?
I’d love to continue to play and move on to the next level, but the odds of that happening are very slim. I’d really want to be involved in the game, whether it be baseball or basketball – work in a front office somewhere, be a GM (general manager), or some type of executive.

What is your favorite part of being on the Chapman baseball team?
I’ve just made good friends, and being able to play baseball and extend my career a little bit longer.

What has been your favorite moment while playing baseball?
I feel like I’ve had a lot of really fun moments. Probably my biggest moment of my high school career was getting a walk-off hit in CIF (California Interscholastic Federation). That was pretty cool and fun. But there have been a lot of wins, even going back to when I was a younger kid, winning championships. It’s just that a lot of moments stand out.

How does it feel to have improved your season batting average to nearly .400 in the past weeks?
Stats are nice, but they don’t really tell the whole story. I feel like I’ve done a good job trying to stay consistent this year, and it’s something I kind of carried over from last year. It feels nice.

What was going through your mind during the seven-game winning streak you guys were on?
A lot of good thoughts. We started off kind of slow, and we all knew as a collective group that it wasn’t the way we should been playing. So finally getting on a streak, playing against some good teams and getting hot right before the end of the season, from a strategic point of view, is a positive thing. If we can keep riding a win streak through playoffs and win the SCIAC (Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference), which is our main goal, I’ll be a lot happier.

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