Talking with Chapman’s latest record-breaker

Senior Mitchell Bouldin gains speed before the long jump in a practice April 7, 2016 at El Modena High School in Orange.

Mitchell Bouldin made Chapman history Friday, April 28 at the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) track and field championships.

The senior kinesiology major broke the oldest record in the Chapman Athletics record book – the farthest long jump in school history – which had been previously set by Carl Smith in 1938. The previously held record was 7.07 meters, and Bouldin’s record-breaking jump was 7.2 meters.

Q: How was your performance at the SCIAC Championships?

A: It was really good. I (broke my personal record) every time I jumped. My previous jumps before had never gotten to 7 meters. Then, at the championships, I jumped everything above 7 meters, so it was great to start off that way.

Q: How has your career as a track athlete been?

A: This is my third year doing track. I’ve just trained with the track team, the (Chapman) sprint coaches and the football team. I haven’t ever done anything special like outside camps. Last year, I was actually runner-up (at the conference championships) in long jump. The first year I (competed in the long jump), I didn’t place in anything at the SCIAC (Championships). This year, I got first in long jump which was (the only event) I did. Because of my injury, I wasn’t able to run the 100-meter dash, which is what I usually do, or the 4-x-100 meter relay.

Q: How did you get this foot injury?

A: It’s a stress fracture, so it’s a case of overuse just from working out as much as I did for track. It built up. I started feeling it after one meet and thought it was just that my shoes were too tight. I kept working on it, but it just kept hurting more and I thought, ‘That’s not normal.’ I went to the (Chapman) trainers, and they sent me to the doctor and he said it was a stress fracture. It kind of sucked at first because I thought my track season was completely over. I was bummed out, and I was like, ‘I don’t want to end like this.’ I kind of worked out, it felt fine and the doctor was like, ‘It’s not too bad, you can jump if you want.’ I was kind of like, ‘Screw it, it’s my last meet. Might as well go.’ Then I got first place.

Q: What are your usual events?

A: I do the 100-meter dash, the 4-x-100 meter relay, the long jump – which is my main one – and the 200-meter dash sometimes.

Q: Do you do anything special to train or tailor your workouts to these events?

A: We do intervals and pyramid-style training for sprints. That’s like increasing the (sprinting) distance and then going back down (incrementally). Then for jumps, it was just a lot of repetition and going to El Modena High School since (Chapman) doesn’t have a jumping pit.

Q: Do you feel like the track facilities could be better at Chapman?

A: Oh, definitely. It’s kind of a bummer that we have only one or two lanes and a track that’s not regulation size. It probably would have made life much easier, working out on our own facilities if we had one. I’ve been going back and forth from El Modena High School to (Chapman), switching off days and moving around. I really wish we had a facility here, but it’s really not big enough.

Q: Given that you work out in accordance with your sport, do you have a special diet also?

A: I try to keep it healthy with spinach, salads and chicken, but there are some days where I’ll cheat and eat some junk food.

Q: What’s your favorite cheat meal?

A: Probably just chocolate chip cookies. Something easy just to snack on. I could eat like 100 of them.

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