Sports Spotlight: Brooke Martini

Name: Brooke Martini Year: Junior Position: Midfield  Sport: Women’s lacrosse

Name: Brooke Martini
Year: Junior
Position: Midfield
Sport: Women’s lacrosse

Junior midfield Brooke Martini leads Chapman with eight goals this season, including five that came in a 13-5 victory against Whittier Feb. 21. Martini was named first team all-conference last season.

1) How long have you been playing lacrosse and how did you get started?

I’ve been playing since sixth grade so it’s been about nine or 10 years. I just started because one of my good friends played and I just got in the habit of playing it with them and I really enjoyed it.

2) Do you have any pregame rituals?

As a team we do our game day practice and then we have a game-day ritual where we all go in the locker room and we all sit together. This year we are starting a system where before each game each person will have had somebody different to write a letter to about how well they are doing and just encouraging them with good, positive emotions before they go into the game. Also, before games we always go into the locker room and our coach comes in and talks to us and then we do a game ball where we sit in silence and we pass the lacrosse game ball around the room. We also write on our wrists what you play for, who you play for or someone’s number that you want to play for.

3)What do you feel is the most important part of being a team captain as far as being a leader to the rest of your team?

Honestly, probably just always having a positive attitude and always trying to bring people up if they do make a mistake in a game. I try to make sure that they know that their team is always there to back them up and that we always have each others’ backs on and off of the field.

4) What has been your favorite part of being a team member of the Chapman women’s lacrosse team?

Just the people that I am around all the time. They make me want to come out every day and play my hardest.

5) What do you believe is the key to the team’s success this season?

One of the things that’s going to help us get all the way is keeping a positive mind and just working our hardest in practice and in games.

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